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Did you know that the nature of the penis is not actually satisfying for a lot of men? The average penis size is about 5.16 inches when erect. But in the average girth, it is only 4.5 inch. While this size is already big enough to satisfy their women, they are often not happy with this achievement.

If you are like many men, you would agree that 30+ is the age of terrifying. When you see your Mr.P size, you’d argue with yourself whether it is enough or not. Either way, it can affect your confidence when you make out with your woman. 

Here is the good thing. You are not alone in this. There is a solution which people have been raving about lately called Male Extra pills.

In this Male Extra Review, we will bring you to the unbiased information about the product, how effective it is, ingredients, takeaways, and many more.

Male Extra has been slated as the best supplement for men. How true is it? We will breakdown in this Male Extra Reviews.

male extra pills review

What is male extra?

Male Extra is a supplement that can help men to improve their Mr.P erection and overall performance when they use it in the bedroom. the manufacturer of the product promises that the consumers will perform much better erection than before.

We mentioned that people have recently been raving about the supplement, but it was actually introduced back in 2009. so, it has been helping many men around the world for over a decade.

Male Extra supplement has been backed with science. But that is not the reason why it is a popular choice for most men. This supplement product comes with abundant features that are irresistible. These features are satisfaction guarantee, discreet shipping, as well as the quality product itself.

For many people, their erection problem is a sensitive topic to discuss. Therefore, the manufacturer also offers discreet shipping. Discreet shipping is very helpful because you don't need to worry about your package privacy. You are the only one who knows to receive the Male Extra pills.

How Does male extra Work?

The main objective of the Male Extra is to improve the erection and overall Mr. P performance.

To help the users to achieve the goals, there are several ways to do it.

First things first, the Male Extra pill can improve blood circulation. As we know, blood circulation is the key to a good erection. The full erecting penis comes from the great bloodstream. Your penis requires enough blood to be pumped to increase in size and hardening. The supplement will work to increase the amount of blood sent to your penis part.

It is effective to improve the quality of your blood vessels so that you can get the maximum capacity in your penile chambers. That explains why male extra results show your penis is hardened well and takes a much longer time.

Then the Male Extra pills can work to increase the penile chamber capacity by enhancing the penile tissues to grow again. Anyway, it is important to know that your penile tissues were growing in your puberty age. but with the help of the Male Extra pill, you can reclaim it again.

The supplement will help you to heal the damaged tissues in your penis, enhancing the overall performance of your penis.

 And because you achieve a better erection than before, it will also boost your sexual drive in more significant ways.

“Your Penis, Your rule!”

and that’s the point, right? The Male Extra will help you control the erection. It is not exaggerating that you can do it on demand.

So, whether you are out of the city and invite the girl over to your room, or you come home to get laid with your wife, or your mistress calls you up, you will be ready at any time!

Male Extra Ingredients

Obviously, not a Male Extra that can work without the powerful ingredients combined in it. The pills contain effective ingredients. These ingredients have such great quality so that it is important to maximize them with the proper instruction.

These ingredients are determinant factors in making quality men supplement like Male Extra. The good news is that these ingredients are all backed with science. So, every time you take these in, you won’t feel guilty or afraid that it won’t work or else.

The manufacturer is also transparent about the ingredient list. They won’t like to hide anything like some pharmacy stores did. The manufacturer only focuses on the core ingredient without adding preservatives and other harmful substances to consume.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in the ingredients that you can find in the Male Extra Product.

Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate is the natural source of the chemical called Ellagic Acid. The manufacturer derived the acid from pomegranate because of its nature containment which is whopping 40% of ellagic acid rating. it improves the blood flowing to your Mr. P when it has the erection.

L-Arginine HCL

Arginine HCL is an integral ingredient in the Male Extra pill. It is an amino acid that is important for the human body. L-arginine is contributing to the vasodilation. The gas is derived from the amino acid, which can make the blood vessels more flexible and relax. When the tense is lesser, more blood will flow through them. Therefore, this achievement will not come with increased blood pressure. The last thing you want is to take a male enhancer but coming with a high blood pressure side effect. You won’t need to worry about it.


MSM is the abbreviation of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane.

In a nutshell, it is sulfur, one of the most important minerals for our body. The main aim of sulfur is to help your body to improve blood circulation. Your body could depend on the MSM to produce new cells that are healthy for your penis.


In this case, L-Methionine focuses on controlling the ejaculation of the users. With the help of this ingredient, you will be able to control your ejaculation so that it can make you a badass.

 As we know, premature ejaculation is a common issue that takes place in a big pool of men. premature ejaculation can really affect the satisfaction level of intercourse. L-Methionine in the Male Extra can help you to overcome this problem.


Cordyceps is an effective libido booster. The plant extract has been long used by the Chinese in their medical practices. It is a natural stimulant of the libido.

Male Extra Pros and Cons

Male Extra indeed has such incredible effects for the users to reap. But just like other supplements in the market, there have been takeaways that you need to consider before proceeding. These pros and cons can help you to weigh your exact option.

  • Available in online stores and you can ship it anywhere you want
  • Contains powerful male extra ingredients which have such great effects overally
  • Boost your sexual drive and performance and maintain it for a long time in each session
  • You might find the price is a bit hefty for you
  • Available only online.

You can get Male Extra on the official site or the other sites which have a real partnership with the real manufacturers. There are tons of stores that you can find online. But you need to be aware of the scammers. To be safer, you might mention the store name when you reach out to their customer support. Confirm to the manufacturer if the store you visit is their official partner. The price might be relative form one person to another. Depending on your budget, you might want to start smaller first so that you know the effect in advance using it routinely for your sex rodeo.

Male Extra side effects?

Now we cannot also neglect this important question. Folks would want to know the fact about the side effects because it can be a determinant factor in their purchase. The side effects could occur depending on your current health condition.

For instance, if you have low blood pressure, you will need to be careful when using Male Extra pill. If you have hypotension, getting the Male Extra might make you tamper your blood pressure levels. Consider consulting with your doctor first before proceeding.

 While Male Extra is relatively safe to use, you should still be aware of the interactions of the drugs. If you have been on some prescriptions, some of the drugs might interact with Male Extra. Again, we’d like to suggest you meet your doctor to talk about it before proceeding with your male extra enhancement pills consumption. Don’t forget to take a note of all the ingredients inside the product so that your doctor will be able to make an assessment on it.

male extra pill

Male Extra dosage?

The male extra dosage needs to be appropriate so that you will be able to reap the benefits maximally.

As instructed by the manufacturer, you just need to take three pills per day to reap the maximum benefits of it. Easy, isn’t it? 

To attain such a wonderful result, you just need to take the capsules and a glass of water on a daily basis. The potent high-dose supplement requires an adequate amount to reach its maximum benefits.

In this case, three capsules are enough dosage for reaping the benefits of male extra pills maximally. The manufacturer advises taking the pill with the meal. For instance, you could take this in the morning when you take breakfast. It is easy to take it. You could also take it as it is with your favorite drinks. Make sure to drink a lot of water to help the spread of the pill.

What are the customers saying about male extra?

It is true that people trust reviews from real customers more than the company’s claims. Well, it is indeed natural. Of course, you will want to hear the story from someone who has experienced using Male Extra. We are glad to show you what we’ve found in our male extra reviews by customers:



George, Aged 33, said that he had an issue with his sex drive since he reached 32. He often disappointed his wife on the bed. He also noticed the lack of libido that he had. His wife didn’t exactly know why this happened. George is a happy man. He didn’t have any issues at work and at home. He didn’t even have some health issues. But still, he cannot perform maximally on the bed. Then four months ago, he came across the Male Extra reviews and proceeded to get the one for him. He has been using Male Extra for about 4 months now. He said “Male Extra indeed changed my life! I am glad that I found this on the net. Now I am satisfied with the full beneficial effects it grants for me.”As George took this supplement on a routine basis, he managed to get the wilder actions with his wife. His wife has even been hard to cope up with the new beast that George has. They cannot be any happier. Reportedly, George's libido is easy to reach the peak. Its effects are incredible. He also added that there were no side effects that bothered him at all. He managed to get back his wild acts, thanks to this supplement.

Where to buy?

Male Extra is only available on its official store. You might not be able to find it at your usual brick-and-mortar store. Also, it won’t be available in conventional over-the-counter stores. Not to mention that you might not want to walk out of the sex stores with the male supplements that you grab with your hands. It won’t be a pleasant experience. More or less for these reasons, the manufacturer only dispatches and offers its products in the official store. The product is available online in male extra pills official website. You can just use your browser to visit, buy a male extra official website and then place your order there. The website presents you with transparent information and guides you through the whole process of purchase. You could take the time and explore the website first to convince yourself before making a decision. If you have questions or inquiries, you could also reach out to their customer support.

money back


100 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 100-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!


Male Extra review is made as clear as possible to give you the unbiased information that can help you to decide on purchasing the male supplement.

Male Extra indeed comes with abundant features. Just make sure you have ticked all of the boxes prior to making the supplement as your routine intake. Consult with your doctor if it is okay to consume the Male Extra supplement. And after that, you could reach out to their customer support for clarity. This one of the best male enhancement pill on the market. They will be glad to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can male Extra make my penis size bigger?
YES, it can. male extra pills work to increase the blood flow. As a result, you will get a bigger and harder penis.

How long does it work?

The actual effects of the pills are actually there from Day 1. but you will see the visible benefits in three months. So, you need to be patient with it.

Are there any male extra side effects?

Relatively, No. Make sure to consult with your doctor first to tick all the boxes.

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