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Having a muscular and fit body is every man's dream. In general, men will feel confident if they can show their virility features to others. Therefore, many men choose to go to the gym and start building muscle too. Nowadays, being able to show off a fit body without a cover is a dream that can come true. All that is possible, thanks to one product that has gained a lot of popularity lately, is Testogen. Based on user experience, Testogen reviews contain positive comments and user satisfaction. Many men use muscle building supplements to shape their bodies. However, in the end, the muscles do not form as expected. Also, these supplements provide side effects that harm the body. Testogen is a product that has erased men 's concerns about the dangers of muscle supplements and is not breaking up in their body shape. After reading Testogen reviews from its users, many men flock to use this product to help them shape the body and build bigger muscles. In addition to building muscle, Testogen also provides strength and maintains stamina. Testogen-based ingredients derived from natural ingredients also make it safer to consume than other muscle supplements.

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What is Testogen?

TestoGen is a natural testosterone supplement to increase your testosterone. TestoGen contains 100% natural and pure ingredients, so it is safe for consumption. The materials used are ingredients that have been tested and are safe to use because they have no side effects. This unique combination of ingredients works to help your body increase the amount of testosterone production. With increasing testosterone, your body can build more muscle and have strong stamina. You can see the effects of using TestoGen in a short time. Not only in the formation of your body, but TestoGen also helps improve your mood, sharpen your focus, and enhance your overall health. And, within a month, you can already see an increase in strength and muscle formation in your body. You also can experience quick muscle repair and a massive boost in testosterone levels. You can also take the TestoGen even if your testosterone levels are okay because you will feel the better results in the gym and get better health and wellbeing.

How Does Testogen Work?

How TestoGen works are quite simple. TestoGen works to help your body produce more testosterone. It came as a dietary supplement and providing your body with all organic nutrients from the ingredients to produce more testosterone than the usual amount. As you grow old, the production of testosterone will decrease. But, TestoGen still can work effectively even if your body reaching a certain age. TestGen does not contain actual testosterone, which can bring harm to your body. Instead, TestoGen contains several unique natural ingredients that blended so it can help increasing testosterone levels in your body. Take four capsules of TestoGen every morning so you can increase testosterone in your body quickly and easily. To get the results you expect, you must follow the recommended dosage correctly. If you don't follow the recommended dosage, the results you want will be difficult to achieve. TestoGen review revealing that not only for those who want to increase the level of testosterone in the body, those of you who feel you need a boost and need stamina injections can also use this supplement. Women and men under the age of 20 years shouldn't consume TestoGen. Why shouldn't men under the age of 20 use TestoGen? Because testosterone levels in a young man's body are already very high unless the person is sick.

Testogen Ingredients

TestoGen is made with a formula of 11 raw materials that are natural and safe for the body. These ingredients work together to help increase testosterone levels in your body. The ingredients in TestoGen also help reverse hypogonadism, increase stamina, and reduce depression. Further use can help with weight loss, increase libido, and sex drive. Here are 11 raw materials in the TestoGen formula and their function.


Zinc can increase testosterone levels in men. It also can help reverse hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition where the body does not produce adequate testosterone. Zinc also aids in the reproductive system health, the production of healthy sperm, and nutrients absorption.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has several vital functions. It helps increase the growth of androgens (hormone for male reproduction ) and testosterone production enhancers. Vitamin B6 also aids the body in making serotonin, which contributes to lifting your mood, and also keeps your body from tiredness.

Red Ginseng Extract (40mg)

Red Ginseng is a plant that is famous for its function as an aphrodisiac and protects the body from dioxin damage. The extract can help stimulate libido. And, red ginseng extract also increases your erection and focus.

Fenugreek extract (40mg)

Fenugreek is a plant used by the Chinese as a powerful antioxidant and used as traditional Indian medicine. Fenugreek can increase vitality and strength in your body. Fenugreek extract helps in the release of insulin for help in muscle growth, increases testosterone, and libido.

D-Aspartic acid (2352mg)

D-Aspartic acid helps the body in the reproductive system. This acid helps in the reproductive system and triggers the formation of GnRH (a hormone that signals the body when testosterone levels decrease) and LH (a hormone that increases the function of the reproductive system). D-Aspartic Acid This also helps in building muscle, increases stamina, and gaining more strength and libido.

Vitamin D3 (50mcg)

Serves to increase the level of testosterone in the body. Vitamin D3 also works well together with Vitamin K, boron, and magnesium (are all ingredients of TestoGen).

Vitamin K1 (20mcg)

Vitamin K1 functions to help the absorption of vitamin D3, which is another vital element in Testogens. Thus, the body can absorb all content of Vitamin D.

Boron (8mg)

Boron is a mineral trace that can be found easily in soil, walnuts, kidney beans, raisins, and green leafy vegetables. With only a small amount, boron can increase testosterone levels significantly.

Nettle Leaf Extract (40mg)

Nettle leaves bind with hormones and free testosterone to increase libido and build muscle strength.

Bioperine® 95% Piperine (5mg)

Bioperine can increase bioavailability and function as a glue that can help your body absorb other TestoGen ingredients.

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Testogen Pros and Cons


  • Using TestoGen regularly can help your body build muscle more effectively. Take a dose before your workout, and you will notice the increase in a short time.
  • TestoGen is made from natural ingredients, so it is safe and has no side effects at all. All the materials that are essential for the body have been extracted carefully to create TestoGen so they can make you feel healthy- physically and mentally.
  • TestoGen boosts the production of testosterone levels in your body. It also improves your focus, confidence, and performance.
  • When you purchase three bottles of Testogen, you get two free. You also will receive a free Ebook with the purchase of three bottles.
  • Repair your mood and increase the energy level of your body. It also makes you get a better focus dan more self-confidence.
  • TestoGen is easy to consume. You can read the recommended dosage on the bottle, and they are easy to use.
  • If you have low self-confidence due to low libido, TestoGen is perfect to enhance libido and your performance.
  • You will see the results within a few weeks of taking the supplements. Take the supplements regularly for a few weeks and you will see the exceptional results within no time. You no longer need to wait for months to see the improvement of your body.


  • To see significant results, you must follow the dosage very strictly. You need to take four capsules at a time. If you do not follow the dosage, you might not be able to see the results.
  • You must purchase TestoGen from the official website. Only by purchase from the official website you can get the best deal.
  • It could be expensive if you only purchase a single bottle. However, if you buy more bottles at a time, you may get it at a fair price.

What are the Testogen side effects?

Testogen is a supplement that highly safe for consumption. It made from 11 natural and safe ingredients. There are no side effects if you take them as per the instructions. There are no negative reviews about it, and all the user trusts the result they get from the product. The essential part is that all the ingredients used in the supplement are safe and will not do any harm to your body. The ingredients contain minerals and vitamins that are crucial for your body, and the levels also fluctuate as you age. That is the reason why you need to take supplements to maintain the right level of vitamins and minerals in the body. There will not be any side effects if you take the supplement as per the dosage prescribed and stick to the same dosage. Nobody has reported any side effects for consuming the Testogen as of now.

What is the dosage?

Every bottle of Testogen has 120 capsules. You need to consume four capsules every day. Take the dosage 20 minutes before breakfast. Do not exceed this dose so you can see your body improvement. Testogen is suitable for men above the age of 20 and not recommended for women. Consult a doctor before taking Testogen if you are taking any other medication. A consultation is crucial because some supplements can interact with the medicines. The interaction of the supplement and drugs may increase the medication’s effects and cause unwanted side effects. Take the TestoGen regularly to see the results quickly. Always read the instruction and indication before using supplements or medicines.

What are the customers saying about Testogen?

Testogen meets the expectations of its users. Testogen reviews on the web also get a lot of positive comments and responses from people around the world. These reviews are interesting and motivate their readers to keep trying to shape their bodies. There are some reviews:


Tony in the United Kingdom: get more strength, gone from lifting 30lbs to 100lbs. The muscles also develop well, and libido increases. He stated that he is impressed by the product. There are no side effects. His lean mass and strength are a definite plus his libido is increasing.

John Doe

Nolan in the United States: managed to increase muscle mass, reduce belly fat, and can sleep more soundly. He stated his body is gaining 7 lbs of lean muscle, it increases from 181 to 188 lbs. And more restful night sleep.

Marian in the United Kingdom: get the good muscular shape, reduce belly fat, get more energy, and be more focused and confident.


Testogen users can feel a significant difference in their bodies. In short, you will see an increase in your confidence and mood so that depression will decrease. Testogens are also beneficial in improving your overall body health and making your physical appearance better.

Where to Buy TestoGen

You can buy Testogen from the official website, https://testogen.com. They will send Testogen anywhere in the world even the shipping costs are free. Also, if you buy on the official website, you will get an affordable price. For unsure buyers, they will also provide a 100-day money-back guarantee. If the user doesn't feel any results, then what needs to be done is to send back the bottle that hasn't been opened in 100 days. This guarantee only applies to purchases of inventory for more than a month. You can get the best deals by buying on the official website. However, if you buy from another party, you might not be able to get 2 free bottles with the purchase of three bottles. Besides getting a bonus of two bottles, you will also get a free ebook.

Testogen is a component made from natural ingredients so it has no side effects. This auto-forming supplement is perfect for people who want to build their body better and build muscle. This supplement helps increase testosterone in men so that their bodies build muscles better and increase libido. TestoGen also increases self-confidence and makes a good mood. Because the mood of the heart increases, the depression level eventually decreases. Testogens should not be consumed by men under the age of 20 years and by women. If you want to get satisfying results, then you must follow the instructions for use precisely and regularly. Consult your doctor if you are taking medication and want to use Testogen. there are some supplements that react with drugs. Taking the Testogen regularly and see the improvement of your body.

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Testogen Before & After Pic

Testogen Before and After Pic

Frequent Question

Where you can buy Testogen? 

From the official website, https://testogen.com

What is the dosage? 

Every bottle of Testogen has 120 capsules. You need to consume four capsules every day. Take the dosage 20 minutes before breakfast.

Who is Testogen suitable for?

Suitable for men over the age of 18 and for men with a flagging libido and have problems in the bedroom.

How long will Testogen take to work?

It according to the symptom and how serious that is. Usually, you can see signs of improvement in your mood, focus, and vitality in a week or so. For muscle development and strength you could see a difference in a month to six weeks if you are keeping up a training program.

Can you take Testogen for a long time?

There is no limit of periods because Testogen helps your body in a natural way. You can take a break every few months for a couple of weeks to make sure your body is functioning properly.

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