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Many people around the globe have been struggling with the overweight and obesity problems. They have been looking for the best products from the market. Here is where the weight loss supplement market acts as the epicentrum of the solution seeking.

If you have been struggling with your current weight, it might get trickier to look for the best product for you. There’s also a chance that you’ve tried some products before. The bad experiences in the past enforce you to be more cautious when it comes to looking for the best weight loss supplement. It is probably how you feel when you hear about Ultra Omega Burn.

Chances are you have heard various news about it and wonder what is true or not. We are also concerned about this product. That’s why we’d like to share our unbiased review of Ultra Omega Burn here. So, don’t purchase Ultra Omega Burn until you read this through.

Ultra Omega Burn

 What is ultra omega burn ?

Ultra Omega Burn is a natural weight loss supplement which focuses on helping the users to work around their body fat.

The Ultra Omega Burn comes as a supplement rather than a fat burner because its overall prime goal is not only to help people shed some fats from their body, but also improve their overall wellness.  But it is also legit to say that Ultra Omega Burn is a natural fat burner. 

It comes with Omega 7 fatty acids, which can release fat from the body cells so that the body can burn the fat by using it for energy.  The omega 7 fatty acids in the supplement also works as the fat burner.

Many experts and average users have been vouching for Ultra Omega Burn because it uses the fat stored in the body as the energy. The consumed fat will turn to energy, so that there is no reason for your body to store any fat anymore. As the time goes by, you will eventually reclaim your body.

Nature Active Pte Ltd is a USA-based company which manufactures and markets Ultra Omega Burn. We are lucky to get the opportunity to share our unbiased Ultra Omega Burn with you.

How Does Ultra Omega Burn Work?

As mentioned before, the Ultra Omega Burn comes with the Omega 7 fatty acid as the core for the weight loss solution. For those who haven’t known, Omega 7 is a palmitoleic acid.

What does it mean?

Sciences proved that fatty acid has been recorded in many official papers showing that it has a direct impact on weight loss results. But that is not the only perk which the consumer can get from Omega 7 fatty acids. These are great for heart health, as well as overall health.

Actually, Omega 7 is distinct from the common omega 3 and 6. But unlike the 3 and 6, your body can actually produce it by itself. Your body will naturally produce Omega 7, no matter what foods you eat on a daily basis. However, to accommodate your body to get rid of an enormous amount of fat, your body will need a boost. And here's where the Omega 7 fatty acids enter.

The Ultra Omega Burn will naturally suppress your appetite. That means you will feel full longer so that it can prevent you from eating unnecessary snacks between your meals.

Ultra Omega Burn creators also claimed that their product is backed up by clinical scientific research. So, they are confident when promoting their product. Ultra Omega Burn helps to reduce the inflammation which inhibits the optimum performance of the fat burning process in your body.

Research has shown that people who take omega 7 fatty acids on a daily basis can reduce the inflammation in their body for 73% in only one month. This number is not a small deal. If you take Ultra Omega Burn, imagine how many pounds you can shed in just a month.

Ultra Omega Burn Ingredients

The main ingredient in Ultra Omega Burn is Omega 7 Fatty Acid or Palmitoleic Acid. The manufacturer of Ultra Omega Burn claimed that their weight loss supplement uses different Omega 7 Fatty Acid.

The manufacturer uses the most sophisticated technology to extract the Palmitoleic Acid. They focus on the most prevalent cold press method of extraction.

The experts behind this company claimed that their product has ten times purer Omega 7 Fatty acid than the other products.

The manufacturer extracted pure Omega 7 fatty acid from the seed of sea buckthorn berries. The farmers hand-picked the best units for the purpose of making the Ultra Omega Burn products.

Omega 7 fatty acids have actually been prevalent for people from the ancient time. Back then, the ancestors used the berries to manage the inflammation and gastrointestinal problems.

In the modern times, there are thousands of labs that conduct research about Omega 7 fatty acids, especially in its property to promote the effective weight loss result.

Backed up with sciences and clinical research studies, the manufacturer claimed that Ultra Omega Burn, besides helping in weight loss, can also help the users to improve the overall health, treat the digestive system, reduce inflammation, healthier skin, and so on. We’ll get down to those points below.

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For your skin, hair, and nails

The Omega 7 can support the health of the skin. It can help the users to maintain their skin health by balancing the natural omega in their body. Omega 7 is a natural skin protector, which is why it is popular as an anti-aging solution. It is not surprising to see some beauty products which consist of sea blackthorn berry oil.

Improve gastrointestinal overall health

The pure omega 7 in the Ultra Omega Burn helps the users to improve their gastric mucous membranes health. It helps to repair the gastric tissue. That’s the reason why Omega 7 is very great for people who often have stomach problems like bloating, excessive gas, and so on.

Cardiovascular benefit

Omega 7 has been proven to be having a great effect on cardiovascular health.  In many clinical papers, the Omega 7 has been proven to be effective in maintaining the healthy cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. If you have been dealing with a cholesterol problem, you can also reap this bonus effect from Ultra Omega Burn.

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Omega 7 fatty acids, in the appropriate dosage can help the users to reduce the inflammation and swelling in their body. inflammatory bowel disease is quite common in several countries around the world. Omega 7 should be the primary solution for their problems.

Ultra Omega Burn Pros And Cons

Just like other supplements, Ultra Omega Burn also comes with pros and cons. Here are the complete pros and cons which you could consider to weigh.


  • Promote weight loss effectively: Obviously, it is the main objective of the weight loss supplement.
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels: It can also help you to control blood sugar levels when taking it regularly.
  • Completely Natural: The Pure Omega 7 inside Ultra is naturally extracted from seed of sea blackthorn berries.
  • Get rid of bad cholesterol's in your body: As we know, there are bad and good cholesterol's in our body. The Ultra Omega Burn manages to get rid of the bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Improve the energy levels: the energy levels are the key for your optimum activities
  • Comes with a lot of features: from boosting your skin health, hair, nails, as well as reducing inflammation.
  • Overcome your deprived sleep: deprived sleep has been one of the most significant culprits in the weight gain. Ultra Omega Burn can help you to improve your quality of sleep so that your weight loss goals will be achieved.


  • The limited availability: you can only get it from their official website. There Is no other marketplace that sells the product. You cannot find it in any brick-and-mortar shop.
  • Hefty Price: the price might not be friendly for average people. But if you compare it with other programs, you know that the value is high.

Ultra Omega Burn Side Effects?

As of the moment we wrote this Ultra Omega Burn review, we have noted some of the side effects from complaining users. However, records are not plenty. Most of the Ultra Omega Burn users claimed that they don’t have any problem when taking this supplement on a daily basis. However, for your own precautions, you will want to take into consideration when seeing these side effects: mood swings, dizziness, headaches, constipation, hair loss, muscle loss, fatigue, and thirstiness.

But one thing that you should know is that the complaining users can possibly stack the Ultra Omega Burn supplements with other prescribed medication. If you have one, make sure to contact your doctor and check it. In most cases, it is much better to separate the consumptions.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding women should refrain from using the Ultra Omega Burn.

Ultra Omega Burn Dosage?

Each bottle of Ultra Omega Burn contains 30 capsules which are enough for one month stock. The daily recommended dosage is one capsule on a daily basis.

You can take the capsule earlier on the day after your breakfast or brunch. It will make you feel fuller for the rest of the day so there is no need for you to snack between the meals.

And when the time for meals comes, your brain still sends the signals that your stomach is a bit full than before. That means you can naturally reduce the portions voluntarily. You don’t need to struggle to suppress your appetite. Ultra Omega Burn will help you to reduce the calories intake without any problem.

The manufacturer recommends you to take the appropriate dosage as suggested. Overdose can lead to side effects and be harmful for your overall health.

What Are the Customers Saying About Ultra Omega Burn?

As mentioned before, the Ultra Omega Burn review manufacturer only offers their product on their official site. Therefore, you won’t be able to read the reviews from common marketplace like Amazon or Ebay.

But we found the confirmed reviews sent to our emails. Some good samaritans sent us their stories, along with their purchase receipts to prove that they are the real buyers. That’s the reason we can validate their reviews. Although we cannot disclose their real email address here, we can share what they thought about Ultra Omega Burn.

It has been six months since I took the first dosage of Ultra Omega Burn. I have lost enormous amount of weight from my belly. Well, people who are close to me know that I’ve been struggling to get rid of my belly fat for years. I have spent thousands of bucks but none of them worked. Ultra Omega Burn is my real savior. It helps me to lose weight in only few months. In the fourth month, I noticed that my skin is more glowing than before. I am glad to find this versatile supplement on the net..


John Potter says

I’ve been using this fantastic pal for 2 months. I have managed to lose 8 pounds so far. I know I can reach better than this. But thanks to the hectic schedule that I have, I only have 15 minutes time per day for light exercise routine. I am expecting the summer holiday so that I can do more outdoor activities. With the Help of Ultra Omega Burn, I have nearly reclaimed my body.”

Where to Buy

You can purchase Ultra Omega Burn from its official site at UltraOmegaBurn.com.


Here are the packages which you can consider:


1 Bottle: $39.95 [+Shipping fee]

3 Bottles: $99.95 [+Shipping fee] | TOTAL SAVINGS: 20%

6 Bottles: $159.95 [Free shipping] | TOTAL SAVINGS: 20%


You also grant the access to BONUS page wherein you can download some products called


Free Report #1: Desserts and Sweets for a Flat Stomach

Free Report #2: The Fat Burning Guide to Eating Out

Free Report #3: Hormone Secrets


Nutri Active Pte Ltd, as the manufacturer of the products offers you a 12 month guarantee on your verified purchase.

365-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee


Now we have reached the conclusion of our Ultra Omega Burn review. The Ultra Omega Burn is a weight loss and wellness supplement which comes with the Omega 7 fatty acids. Its focus is to break down the fats in order to use it for energy. So, instead of storing fat, your body will keep burning fat. The 12 months guarantee is not a small deal. it is the solid proof that the manufacturer is confident with the product they offer. It does not hurt to try this product. After all, you can get your money back if you are disappointed with the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is Ultra Omega Burn for?

For all folks excluding pregnant and breastfeeding women and infants, and kids.

Is it for weight loss?

YES, with more bonuses like improving your overall health, maintaining blood sugar levels, and so on.

Is it safe?

If you overdose, then it won’t be safe for you. As long as you take it as instructed, there will be no significant side effect.

How to order?

Check the official site and hit the order button.

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